Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

comment: Early Christmas. Computer things have arrived.


I decided the equipment I had to work with wasn’t completely cutting it. I have a Dell Venue-11 tablet. Frankly, It’s a perfect device if you want modular ability with something better than a stylus. It came with a very thin keyboard folio including an active digitizer that slides into a holder on the back. It has many, many great features that other tablet’s can’t hold a stick to for the money. A user replaceable battery, a USB 3.0 port on the side, an SD card slot that works up to 128 gb and blue-tooth, wireless, etc. The other tablets lack quite a bit of this. Who needs 500 gigabytes of internal storage? I have a USB slot-thumb drives and SD cards are friggin’ cheap. It’s the new age of floppy disks.

the thin, fold up keyboard-folio is…alright. For email and browsy people, it’s just  fine. If you want to pound a few hundred words out or even construct a decent sized work email, a more substantial keyboard is required. The buttons do not have much travel so as a result I have no idea if that letter registered or the space I pressed actually created a space. From the tactile response view, it was not easy to work with. Besides, I was using a blue-tooth wireless keyboard for longer work pieces and even using that, things became a little cumbersome. On an airplane things were nice but I had to briefly juggle something to set it all up. So, I opted for, at good discount, the more stout keyboard with real chicklet keys and without the flex the thin folio had. (I could bend it a bit and register a left click on the mouse pad)

So, I now effectively have a full on laptop. In the end, really, just save $300 and get a laptop. you don’t need this modularity unless you have to have a ‘tablet’ or an ability to set it up far away and type to it with a blue-tooth keyboard from elsewhere. Generally, since I have been using one of those as well with this tablet, it’s best to just get a notebook as you’re using these things right next to each other. So, I have a nice solid stout great key spaced keyboard that includes batteries inside of it. Now, I have double the life.

Do I need to type and internet for thirteen hours at a time? Will I be in the woods for days on end?

Why detachable? Well, honestly I am going to find out. That digitizer will allow me to edit and mark up my documents and then edit them side by side in word without doing anything with real paper and pens. Doing that on the screen would be so easy without a keyboard attached, but that’s the only case. It could possibly be a single digital solution. I will  find out. I needed this anyway.

I committed myself to Nanowrimo this November.


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