Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

8.) Drive of life


The right foot reflected the driver’s thoughts, “They can’t have it!” There was no way he would let them. The car approached and surpassed ninety down the long desert highway. Twelve hours remained. The passenger seat-belt was fastened, thirty-minutes ago, by a bleeding man, tightly around a blue lunch cooler. Inside sat a chilled vial packed inside ice that was now sloshing about, the tires gripping through the easy bend, the headlights range tested. The driver didn’t want to do this, the setting sun triggered immediate fatigue. He would have to drive all night.

The driver glanced over at the cooler, hating it with his mind. Mankind survived over ten-thousand years just fine. It didn’t need this to survive the future. The driver knew, if he was caught, the wrong people would live forever instead of the rest of the world. He knew. He knew the world would be one tired, old, dirty, crowded place that would desperately hate their new gift.

The driver had to last. To keep the world a good place. This was now a crusade for the quality of humankind at over one-hundred miles per hour. If they found him, humankind would become a world of masters and slaves.

(Author’s notes:) August, 19th 2015: Mazda dealership at home. (207 words)

I was getting a service on my car. I’m off work this week and realized I didn’t have hotel pads near my bed like I do at work. I found a wide post-it note pad and some printer paper and had a thought about a world changing item. what if it changed the world for the worse either way it was used? If the good guys had it, the world would be terrible. If the bad guys had it, the world would be so much worse. Sort of like voting for president. Choose the lesser of the evils. This driver, with the help of a dying person, smuggle a vial of the ‘future’ out into the desert and the decision, I guess, is to let it expire so nobody has it and the terrible potential isn’t realized.

Of course, after writing this little story, I realize something. Why don’t they just open the cooler and pour it onto the hot street? Perhaps there wasn’t time or other properties are at play. Regardless, It was a fun scene in my mind. The words here are revised. some added and some removed. Like I said, the first mission is to get a story down on the notepad first and get it to fit.

Hope you like it.


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