Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

9.) Everywhere

20150824_163515[1]My wife was tired. We had fallen asleep in front of the television the last two nights and we refused to let that happen again. Too late, again.

“Honey, let’s go upstairs and play cards for a bit.”

She blinked her heavy eyes, “yeah, sure” she said.

We played rummy to an A.M. malt-shop oldies station. It was music from our parent’s era but it was relaxing, full of love songs. Quickly, I realized we would only play one hand. She wouldn’t last longer than that. I played my third card, discarded, and looked up to find her eyes closed. I nudged her knee, “Honey? Your turn, I played the nine of clubs. She breathed in with her eyes wide open trying to wake up, scanning the cards.


I smiled at her, “Did you have a dream?”

“Heh, yeah I was in a parking garage.”

“From tonight’s dinner?”

“yeah” She put down four cards in a run and discarded a three of diamonds, struggling again to keep her eyes open. She always discards everything I can’t use. I made a play and bumped her knee again to wake her up.


A junior security officer blinked hard, twice. The kind of blink where he hoped to change the reality and make what he saw actually possible.

“Sir, the computer spat out a report of gibberish.”

Raising an eyebrow up from his coffee, Chief Martin said, “Oh?”

“Yes, right here. the recognition system reported the same woman in nine different places inside of ten minutes.”

The junior officer slid the print out across the desk, pushing aside a carefully arranged circle of paperclips, the perfect diameter of a coffee mug. Martin put his mug down somewhere else and frowned at his clutter, “So what’s the problem. In ten minutes people can walk to thirty places where we have cameras.”

“That’s just it sir, the locations. The locations and time of appearance confused the computer and it spat this  out.”

Martin picked it up and thought about the town where he grew up. Where things are. where this woman was.

“Huh. This is silly. In three minutes she went from the Toyota dealership to the Pearl street parking garage, level three? I know these places. That’s impossible.”

“I know sir. It looks like every appearance is close to two minutes apart. The dealership, the parking garage, the top level seating of a restaurant. Back to the garage. It’s like she had a normal day but, she sort of, flickered through it?” He sounded incredulous.

“Get the video of her in these places, combine it so we have something to verify. There haven’t been any crimes or anything else, Just appearances. I can’t pursue this beyond doing routine diagnostics and well file it under glitches until something else comes up I guess.”

“Okay sir.”

(Author’s Notes) Aug. 21st, 2015: Home. (455 words)

This first part happened last night. My wife had dinner with some friends and was exhausted later that night. She kept drifting off in between plays and would have silly two second dreams of parts of her day. I thought about what would happen if they weren’t dreams. Now I let the mind wander. Who would notice?


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