Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

11.) What’s left in a name?


Awaking to a green flashing icon, especially this one, felt like a holiday. The search engine had finished. My publisher and I tasked it with matching up name combinations that had never been used before. Two-hundred-trillion people are on this planet. Every conceivable writer’s name has been registered and utilized at this point. A fresh and new authorship pen name can bring untold sales. Why not use my real name? My real name is presently under litigation to decide who gets to publish under it. It happens to be the last original name on Earth for this use, so obviously anyone trying to get an edge in sales needs it. I didn’t get my paperwork registered in time so those lucky eight litigants get to fight it out. The only future hope I have left to write and actually sell what my publisher says is promising break-out work, lies in creating one from long dead centuries-old authors. Expired to public domain and copyright free of course. From these names of the past, the blinking icon came up with a solution mashing up the leftovers.  Sipping my coffee, I tapped the icon. The world had better prepare itself for a dramatic onslaught of amazing romance novels from: Jodi Lovecraft Clive-Riceking.

Aw damn it.

(Author’s note) 25th August, 2015: Toronto: 212 words-(edited to rev.2 feb.4,2016)

I’m picking out a pen name to use when I start to write my (hopefully not) sub-standard longer works for contests and publication. I have a father who is published in history and local markets and a professional life as well to protect. In case you haven’t noticed, the little stories so far are across a wide range that one name won’t work with everything from romance to knife play….unless it’s knife play romance. Anyway, this was a thought. What If there truly was nothing left to pick.

rev.2: I just revisited this knowing that it still felt a bit jumbled in the middle when i was trying to convey how crowded and overused everything was in this future. I think I cleared quite a bit up and it feels much less claustrophobic to muddle through. I increased how many people lived on earth and then made the points clear about how his name was unusable and taken by others. I also tried to change a bit of tense and add in some human perspective instead of just telling a narrative. I’m getting better.


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