Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

19.) First Cross


I climbed the thirty-five steps. In between, I punished myself on a bicycle over grass, dirt, gravel and through sand-pits. All around me, blurs of colored jerseys from much faster and younger athletes huffed away with profound cardio-vascular systems. Twice the speed and half the pedal revolutions. It was just the beginner category, and I was outclassed to say the least. I stumbled. Near the top of the steps, on my third climb up them, the legs were worn out. I dragged a toe-recovering. I did it again on the next step-recovering. A third mistake was the end of it. Over I went, falling up the stairs. My left arm unable to support the motion. I plowed head first into the riser with my helmet crown flexing to absorb impact. My left shoulder hitting the corner of a step and the bicycle carried on my right shoulder coming down on my back. I had only three steps to go to the top. I groaned, picking myself and the bike up slowly and walking the last steps to the top. Three smacks against my left shifter straightened it out, enough to hop on and ride the down-hill portion of the lap. I would climb those stairs one more time, a fourth and final time, and finish the race third from last.

(Author’s notes) This is Cyclo-Cross. I was in this actual event yesterday. Not so much a fiction story to fit the blog but I had to write about it. Vivid memories you know? I’m relatively healthy but very new to the sport. Road cycling is one thing but this style of this is entirely unforgiving. Living in a mountainous state, no matter how healthy you think you may be, one would realize shortly how much more in shape everyone else is. I might be doing alright but doing a cyclo-cross event proves i’m nowhere close to even the most amateur athlete. If anything, please go and watch one of these things. It’s tremendously fun and if you try it, get ready for a heart-attack full body workout. The picture is mine from the actual location a few days before. I sit here now with sore bruises wondering if I want to do this next week.


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