Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

Observe: Notes on my own progress.

First. I did not attach an image to this post in any way and yet one shows up on the main page. WP needs a serious look at it’s coding because even removing an image or changing one is a major headache.

—–on with the observation—

I’m realizing things as I force myself to keep writing. Even with an off day, once I get started, I enjoy it. I just have to get going. That’s sort of how my reading goes. Once I start a book, then I’m good. I’ll finish it quick and probably pick up another.

The last story I put up here, The Ashen Samurai, began with watching a movie during a ninety-minute spin on a hotel exercise bike. (Zone 2 heart rate range for anyone interested) I was not into writing at all that day or the prior two. I had been working on two short stories around fifteen hundred and two thousand words and havent posted anything short enough, or edited enough, for the blog. I had sort of hit a wall in motvation. Not a block, just a wall of desire. The second short story is about a writer having a problem and overcomign it, but, the way it happened? read my other stories, and you’ll find out how unnatural that could be. It’s pretty good in my opinion and it’s probably one I’ll send off for a competition or hopeful publication somewhere.

Anyway, After the movie, I had one idea that was a basic revenge tale, the kind that made up about ninety percent of all of Kung-Fu theatre, and scratched it down on the hotel pad. After, I turned off the light, going to sleep too late. Again. And then I realized some things the next day during the write-up for the blog.

1.) Space efficiencey is becoming easier. More story in less space. this is making a good story with detail and character easier to produce on my limited hotel note pad area. If I have been successful so far or not, let me know. I only have what it feels like to go on.

B.) Limiting expansion of the origional story is difficult. As in, I don’t want to blow it up into a chapter or a thousand words. I want to keep it nearly the same number of words and only add something if the story really needs it to work. When I do, I try to shorten it elsewhere, remove and replace problems, think of other ways to show something with less space taken. This keeps the size to it’s origional concept. If I begin to see the number five-hundred geting close, I know I did something wrong, unless the hotel pad or back of the ticket stub is truly large enough. Now, looking at the Rory’s stories, I kind of lost control of that idea, but the nine dice came up with big stuff to include. I didn’t know that the story cubes would give that much. what was I to do? Well, I tried to break it up in to chapters, what I didn’t want to do but I had to. I was writing small and hitting five to six hundred words on one piece of hotel paper and getting nearly illegibly small in places. That’s not the point of all this. So, when it came to a good story, I found myself hacking and slashing those three parts to the minimum possible. In the end, I think I seriously cut so much it harmed the stories. Again, let me know if you see this or not. I’m only going on the feeling I have so far over the progress. This is what I wanted to do overall. Learn how to make a decently sized, properly paced short story. Having accidents like this is where we learn.

3.) Theme. I am hoping I don’t fall in to a rut of the same things but I have noticed a general interest in slight conspiracy and background selfish corruption-future gone wrong kinds of things. I have fun writing that in different settings but I need to change to a few different themes along the way. One interest that always creeps in is personality issues with a main character. Anyway, I think I’ll try a few halloween creepy stories this next month as well as something else.

D.) I’m writing more often with an eye to choosing words properly, editing as I go, knowing ahead of time the use of language is right or wrong here and there. That saves me editing time along the way but It’s something that will always be a challenge. Knowing what I’m doing and editing skills are very low for me. I will refer to myself as remedial and always learning. My father was a news journalist for over forty years, producing an enormous output every day. He writes once, draft-corrects and then edits once and done. I’ll never be that good, because that’s accomplished by sheer volume. But I need to keep learning by doing. It seems to be the only way for me.


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