Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

-2c$.) The International Center of Irreverence.


Your world has been planned for your own protection. You didn’t know that? In fact, so much has been done to keep your life safe and secure, that it’s hard to believe bad things ever happen. Well, you might say, “What are you talking about? There’s always bad things. What about that oil spill last month?” I can tell you don’t believe me.


The company scientists tell me this, “The world, as sanitary as it is planned to be for our benefit, is so sterile and regular, it would influence the populous to do silly things for variety in life. A perfectly safe world is therefore naturally unbalanced and needs a control to maintain safety and longevity.” My office was created for this purpose.


At the International center of irreverence, we introduce that variety of life, good or bad. Still skeptical, aren’t you? What about that oil spill last month? Or that Skier who fell off the ski jump at the Olympics in the 80’s? Or that enormous breakfast taco for free on Tuesday mornings in Baltimore? All of that was from my team.


If we let people fight real wars and plan real Holiday sales, the planet would be destroyed in eight, no, nine months. Tops. If we let everyone know about the big plan, too many citizens would become incredibly greedy about what they should have and demand we do this, or that. You don’t want that.


Balance has to be maintained. So, enjoy your spills, shootings, missed field goals, SARS, internet cats, flaming Dr. Pepper shots and clowns. Yes, we invented clowns. Sterility is boring. Variety, safe variety, is true life.

(Author’s notes) September 4th, 2015: New York City (256 words)

In case you haven’t noticed, I enjoy weird reasons behind every day things such as machines that still require a person to throw levers and work ropes and pulleys. There has to be something behind an every day event-the complexity we had no idea about. Can everything really be this random? Are we honestly this lucky to have lived this long without blowing ourselves up or being hit, again, by an asteroid? Well these are some of my humerous thoughts on it, discovered while watching the Long Island traffic out the corner windows of my company hotel room.


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