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"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

24.) Properly Stupid Fight Scene.


Kicked hard, the door slammed open into the table. Sparkling water tipped over soaking the table cloth under a plate of properly prepared stuffed grape leaves. Before the protagonist could address the impropriety, the large and bald antagonist rushed through the door tackling him out of the chair. They tumbled on the floor, the protagonist’s freshly pressed linen jacket wrinkled, picking up dark carpet lint. Raising a forceful knee the protagonist found that exact spot in the groin causing the bald antagonist man to lose concentration. Leveraging, the linen protagonist rolled on top, keeping the bald man’s arms pinned to the side with his knees, holding his head down by a grappling hand on his neck, immobilizing him. He fired off a Marxbury-rules punch to the right orbital socket.

“You befouled my jacket!” another punch, “Hooligan! Who instructed you to assail me?” another punch.

The bald antagonist held his groin, wincing. No answer. His thoughts were elsewhere.

The protagonist grabbed a fistful of stuffed grape leaves from the floor and shoved them into the bald antagonist’s mouth, holding his hand over so he couldn’t spit them out.

“Since you have chosen to be silent, you will die eating fare from the best Greek chef in all of Tangier!”

The heavy antagonist struggled to the end. Standing up, the antagonist snapped his fingers. A waiter rushed in and righted the table and chairs, prepared a fresh setting.

(Authors notes) October 7th, 2015: Newark, NJ (185+ words)

Proving a remarkable ammount of words can be scribbled on a postage stamp. Probably 2″ x 2″ note paper had been provided by Hilton for today’s project. All I wanted to do was start an exercise in a fight scene. Lunacy is so easy for me. Had I not named it as such, the reader would indeed declare it a stupid piece of writing. So I camped it up with a linnen clad special person of some sort. Spy or something. Whatever. Someone randomly attacked. He defended. It was short and ridiculous. I didn’t go back and revise or edit or condense. Just a pure draft on tiny paper.


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