Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

29.) Folder fifteen


“Candidate twenty-eight? Screw that guy. Did you see how he talked?”

Chief pilot Danielsohn threw a resume on the table. Three others from human resources chose their words. The interview panel in session.

“We didn’t see anything wrong with that candidate.” said Jessica, giving a confident look with three years out of her administration degree, “He answered the questions just fine. He’s well put together and well mannered.”

“Oh yeah? I said, ‘did you see how he talked.’ He talked all over you before you finished asking about workplace disagreements.”

The panel thought about it, looking anywhere but at Captain Danielsohn. They began to understand a little.

“When things get bad and checklists begin to fly around to fix the problem, that guy will get pushy and impulsive instead of compliant. He should sit patiently for instruction and then do it without trying to talk over his Captain managing the show. That’s how the idea of crew works. Respecting each other and acomplishing goels”

Jessica let out a light, “oh.” and the rest of the panel arched their eyebrows. Learning as they go what candidates really need to bring to the table. Answers aren’t the only good thing. Personality trates become magnified during stress.

“Here, candidate fifteen.  A bit nerdy but he listened to you all, answered in order and patiently waited for the next task. We can teach that kid anything. He’s receptive”

Each person on the board signed a form stapled to the manilla envelope. Folder fifteen was tossed on top of the hire stack.

(Author’s notes: December 15th, 2015. Cincinnati, OH (242 words)

I just finished my turn through a simulator training session. Done for another year. I can now resume this little page when my mind tells me to. It may baffle people to say, but flying a plane beyond the single engined cessnas out there is hardly a thing discussed once in the job. The huge emplasis is lately on how well we can manage ourselves during bad situations. If I tend to talk over people because I have a great idea in a regular conversation, I need to check myself during a back and forth solution to a problem in a cockpit. Talking over gets busy and when theres two types like that in one place, it gets confusing and pushy as both sides try to overpower the others ideas and then, it gets really bad and i’ll leave it at that. They look for traits in interviews now and no longer do they want a do-it-all Chuck Yeager. Althought Neil Armstrong had an attitude perfect for this sort of work.


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