Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

32.) Timenado (or, a truly B movie in flash fiction)


 Wind slowly rocked the pickup truck on the shoulder of Kansas route-14. Radio and scanner cables swung back and forth with the ominous dark cloud assault. The bed-mounted camper shell magnified each pounding rain drop from above.

“Gettin’ worse for two days Doctor. How long do we wait on whatever it is you’re looking for?” said the driver, one of the best storm chasers.

Dr. Hamrin took the last bite of his ham sandwich and spoke with a mouthful,“Well, Bill, my department said it should show up between the fourteenth and seventeenth. They couldn’t get any more precise measurements that that.” He wiped his mouth.

“Well, if this is our storm, we need to start moving. It’s the only one. My guys, parked behind us, are asking lot’s of questions. If we’re not chasing this one, then what are we chasing?”

Dr. Hamrin looked over at the chaser and wiped his hands. “I think it’s the spookiest thing nobody has ever seen.”

Bill roughly put the CB microphone on it’s hook, “Oh hell. Tell or I pull the plug. I can do that. Danger is normal here, but life threatening danger is not our agreement.” The crew’s frustration on Bill’s shoulders was evident.

“Okay. In nineteen-fifty-six, a large tornado blew apart a government plutonium lab. They didn’t have the F scale then but we later figured it was probably close to an F5 of today. The instruments in the building were recording experiments and gathering data for as long as there was power. With self generating lightning from the funnel and plutonium in the mix and screaming cyclical winds, there was a bright blue flash and the Tornado disappeared.”

Heavy and sharp thunder rumbled across the line of trucks and antennas while a police car ripped past in the opposite direction. It’s lights and sirens on, wipers on high, water rooster tails spraying.

“Yeah, right. Eye witness accounts of low education guards I suppose?”

“Yes, so, I know how it sounds. We could finally interpret the recordings by last year and we’re to measure something here if the data is truly correct.”

“Correct about what? We’re still waiting to hear what were looking for.”

“A Timenado. Can’t think of another name. It should appear within a quarter mile of this location in these four days. It was a fully developed F5 when it vanished. Of course, if this is real.”

Bill shook his head, “Plutonium and a vanishing F5 time traveling tornado? Doc, I’m pulling the plug. I’m sorry. I think you guys are nuts and I’m not giving these guys radiation if it really happens. They need sleep anyway.”

He grabbed the CB microphone and squeezed the button, “Plugs pulled guys, turn back to the motel.”

the speaker static-squawked right away, “Too late! Big one landing behind us!”

Bill put the truck in gear and yelled in the microphone, “Straight ahead! Now!”

The string of trucks sped off to the south with their gear humming and logging everything they could, away from the churning funnel cloud that wrapped it’s blue and orange self in swimming lightning.

(Author’s notes) Dec. 29, 2015: Newark, NJ, again. 514+/- words

Tough to fit on the back of a Southwest boarding pass but I did it. Thanks to a .5mm tip pen. I was in deep discussion with my First-Officer over lunch and the weather was bad winter stuff that week. On the TV in the lunchroom, they showed Michael J. Fox putting on real self-lacing shoes. Plutonium and time travel and weather. Zing. “What if a . . .”

That sounded horrible but also like the best worst idea for a movie possible. Okay, SyFy channel. I’m waiting for a contract!


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