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"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

Inspiration fuels research


Dragons. Fantasy fiction. Dreams. Knights. etc. Quite a few story lines and tales contain them, although not like my story. No Knights and magic here. I’ve searched Amazon and Google and I have yet to see my concept, even close. Well, one writer has published on dragon wrangling, but not like this. Not like what’s bumping around in my head. So, I begin my research. I haven’t looked at anything dragon since High-School and the associated role playing game manuals.

I don’t like reading material which clearly has a clueless author of the subject. I don’t want to be that writer. I know Dragons are a well documented myth and there’s quite a bit of old history there yes, but  honestly I don’t want to try to incorporate any of those elements and get them “wrong.” Arguably I could write anything I want about Vampires and throngs of Vamp fans will flood the gates with urgent error declarations and how I got it all wrong and how they can’t do this or they do that because this lady wrote this or this guy wrote that. As if it were all factual and real. Bah!

That’s the problem. The original mythology, any mythology on anything, thrown out for made up stories over time, congeals into a reference of how that material IS and ISN’T and wiinds up destroying the flexibility of story telling. It can be anything the author wants, as long as, in my opinion, it’s plausible in the story context.

For this person attempting to write (me) I want to incorporate some of the old world myth for the variety. For example, Italian dragons and English dragons are different. Greeks have their own kind and the Asian region has a whole different look and style of their myths. But I’m definitely not taking the old stories and using them directly as the definite way they are. Old tales are exaggeration. They always have been. Please, read Beowulf and you will know what I mean. Nobody can do a swimming race for six days. In my opinion, dragon myths are all exaggerated storytelling to woo the kids of the villages. What they’re really like? Well, how do we use elephants in day to day work? Horses? Mules? Oxen? House pets? Hobby ranches? That’s what I’m getting at. If dragons were real, then how would we be living with and around them in our regular world? Like bears in the mountains? Deer in the woods? In my world, rarely does any animal breathe fire. Poison perhaps, like the Komodo Dragon has a toxic bite, but with huge nasty beasts? Well, they can fly and like horses, are smart and varying temperaments.

No, I’m not giving up my idea. It’s mine and it’s going to bear fruit. You’ll see something sometime. Soon I’m not sure, but as far as the time period it fit’s with, I think there’s enough Steam-punk for a while and it could be toned down a bit and a few giant flying lizards thrown in the mix…..time for a change.


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