Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

34.) The 1560 Festival of Claws and Teeth

Cock-fighting is for the street kids and jousting is for the has beens. Today the big money is in play. Prince Lunceford is in atttendance, all the way from the hill country. I’m happy to gain his favor as i hear he bets big.

This saddle feels good as I sit, lashed in, my arms wrapped in leather straps and held forward. A rider falling not only forefits the match, but also falls to his death. My mount is jumpy, standing up and rearing, spreading out his wings and barking loudly, as much as a psychopathic Persian dragon can bark. It whips up the crowd. Full of confidence. He lives for this event and can sense his prey. My blacksmith friend spent all week shaping and sharpening the blades he wears on the ankles, the jawline and neck and strapped to the wing knuckles, where they fold, to get that little extra slice on a close pass.

There they are, the flagged trumpets raised. I tuck in and grab tight. Groucho feels my pull and coils down. Springing with a single note, we’re in the air and the wings pump, gaining speed to the other side of the fair ground right at the English Red Wyvern who got a clumsy start but looks strong as ever. I guide him in and his legs spring out, foreward, blades and claws of no mercy. Both of our creatures metal skinned over scale. The populace below cheering for anything to happen. Metal meets in shatteringly loud scrapes.

I’m nearly unconcious after the impact but grip hard to stay on. Groucho is already turning tight, sprinting ahead without my say so. He feels it. The kill. This beast will be tough to calm after it’s over. Another pass should knock the Wyvern down to earth if we get good contact. I can see the Wyvern’s rider holding his plated arm. Blood. Not his day to live. We have the higher angle, time to collect the prize.

(Author’s notes:) January 12th, 2016. Iowa.

The dragons in my head comme out again to play. The concept I’m using dragons with is not of this idea, however, this particular idea I think rather cool. Replace one thing with another but leave it in there as well and see what the interest it. Tame them a bit. Use them for your military. Use them for other fascinations. I have a regional championship in progress in this story. Huzzah! I wonder what musical groups would play this festival.


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