Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

35.) 8-Bit Orchestra


Two musicians on one keyboard could be the only way. The conductor shook his head at the thought, Ray-Ban wayfarers perched on top. Of all instruments required for these pieces, he had to find nearly twice as many musicians to play them. Concepts of the structure and timings were simplistic and humbling at the same time; agonizing. The genius behind eight-bit music lies with the long dead computer engineers who invented it. In where a human simply can’t spread their hand far enough or move their arms fast enough for the demanded chords and combinations. The music is literally impossible to play, but that’s the show to be seen! The composer, schooled at the Juliard School of Software, silently sat and pictured the upcomming show in his head. Opening his eyes he resumed his work, plucking notes from the casio through the Atari main-board plugged into an eighty year old thirteen inch tube television. Tonal qualities adjusted, only two notes could be played at a time from this platform. Other systems litttered a massive studio incorporating golden-age equipment. Namco and Sega boards, wave form generators and all of the ancient television connected devices filled his shelves. A consumate Kraft-Professional they called him. 

Tomorrow’s performance  at Carnegie Hall would include his origional pieces plus the Japanese standards; Contra, Frogger, Donkey Kong and an epic performance of Super Mario Brothers. Guest musicians would appear to perform Tron, live for the first time in fifty years, and Taito’s Gun-Fight, the first piece ever composed in eight-bit and a solo performance by the aging master musician, Koji. The venue sold out within miliseconds. Carnegie Hall will be electrified tomorrow night, attended by New York’s high society.

(Author’s notes) January 18th, 2016: Houston.

I listened to a podcast from Nerdist and their opening music was indeed an eight-bit styled waveform generated composition. In thirty seconds I was writing on the note paper about the future, again, and how something of today is rare and unique and special and only for the educated high class in the way classical music is thought of today. Honestly it was regular music for everyone back then, but today, oh my, it’s so far above the commoners! To listen to it live requires expensive clothes and pricy fine diningg for an evening out! Bah! So I imagined the future where the video game music we enjoyed in our pajamas on the living room floor at noon on a Saturday was the next big expensive elitist thing. I very much would havve like to expand this in to a longer piece about actually attending the event and showcasing the performance. In actuality, I know a few people and putting a performance liek this together wouldn’t be too difficult in a comedy stage setting. You-Tube the gun-fight game and youll see how ridiculous it could be for a tuxedo clad solo performance of the score. Enjoy!


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