Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

41.) The end of Barry’s civilization.


Get ready. I think this is a good one. A twist on recent health politics:

Shattering sterility is what he would call it. The chair, a replica of ancient Danish Modern, felt new. His eyes couldn’t handle the purity of white the walls gave him. His physician bounced while describing the new progress in culture and society where genes would flourish and evolution would no longer stagnate. Upon mention of congress and the vote to approve measures, Barry would be the first candidate to receive the newly created cancer vaccine.

The doctor pummeled knowledge points home as if Barry, an ancient history teacher, hasn’t been paying attention to the dominant news. Barry looked anywhere but the walls while the physician told of three thousand years ago.

“History data tells how cancer was eradicated by a political power called ‘The States,”

Closing his eyes to the white assault, Barry listened.

“Since then, science identified a lack of cancer actually causing stunts in genetic evolution and development. Breeding and natural selection had no ‘adverse predator’ so their solution is perfect! Barry? Aren’t you listening?” said the doctor.

Barry sat up from his slouch, opening his eyes, “Yes. I’m given cancer because planet government thinks I’m not genetically pure?”

“Absolutely!” said the doctor, smiling and excited, “You get to be the first to help the planet progress again. You’ll be celebrated-In education data!”

“Do you know who Himmler and the Nazi’s were?”

“Who? No, that’s inconsequential. Look, this has to happen. Its law and you’re first.”

Barry shook his head, “Not like this, man. It’s wrong.”

The doctor pressed a touch zone on his desktop. Three men in white came in and read a proclamation aloud with detail of Barry’s contribution to the worlds, all while standing Barry up by his elbows. A  ribbon was placed over Barry’s head-The Medal Of Society.

“An MOS! I’m jealous Barry. What a proud moment for you,”said the doctor.

Barry could only think about his ancient history. Of other countries, acting together, against a problem. With the planet unified as a single territory, he deeply wished another planet would invade and stop this planet. Barry was ushered out the door, with a medal around his neck, to receive his cancer.

(Author’s notes) February 1, 2016: San Antonio, TX.

Ohhhh I’m so dark!! I think, whateveer. I just read about the US President asking congress for a bazillion dollars for cancer research and had a thought. We all know cancer to be a bad thing that takes loved ones. Do we actually know cancer? I looked into it a bit. Cancer comes from either chemical external influences or genetic evolution processes. Cancer resistances were important in multi-cellular evolving organisms to allow their evolutionary progress. Failing organisms didn’t survive for one reason or another and cancer was one of them. Leaving better and surviving organisms. Cancer, unfortunately, is darkly necessary if this is how it works. So, what about solving cancer? If it’s impossible to get, organisms won’t evolve as a result? Does Interfering with diseases make them stronger and harder to defeat? Does interfering with cancer do the same? Or, does our invention in mitigating harmful diseases just stop our progress of evolving because “unhealthy” genes get to mix with “healthy” genes? Introducing purities where there are none, in this case would introduce impurities in the gene pool. It can’t be a good thing in the balance can it? So this is a concept on that theme. The fix for the fix. Awful stuff.



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