Rough Drift

"Small" writing challenges for my small writing talent. Hotel note pads are the only space allowed. Let's see if I can strip it down and tighten it up to learn something. Improving my skill of weird fiction.

Pen Review: Pentel EnerGel


I’m a sucker for office supplies. The addiction birthed in later grade school when the mechanical pencil really came into play and I never had to visit the pencil sharpener again. A good thing becuse doing so displayed a butt schwiggle to the class while cranking the handle. The contraption regularly broke the led tip and devouered another Number 2 pencil. Over the course of doing math, writing, art class and obsessive drawings of cars and planes I began to appreciate a feel for the writing tool and the writing pen, especially if it could be used for writing in addition to shading and drawing.

To cut a long ramble short, I have used many, many kinds of pens. As a working pilot I have put them through environments some haven’t been deigned for. A climb to 8,000 feet elevation will generally make the V-2 roller ball pee itself. Pulling the cap off at 18,000 unpressurized delivered a big blotch on my charts. Multiple times they broke on me like this. Never used them again. -40 celcius will show you the range of a ball point-It freezes and needs time uder your arm pit before use. Here is where the BIC cristal actually immpressed me for a typical ball point in resisting the cold far better than a regular BIC.

Anyway, after all of this pen abuse, the pen I used to use for the most comfortable experience of writing, drawing, and pretty much everything entirely was the Pilot G2 series of pen for the longest time. It wrote solid, and didn’t explode like the V-ball did at altitude. I was happily writing short stories and filling out my logbook and maintenance logs with the G2. The .5 tip was necessary for the smaller spaces and worked very well instead of the .7 tip. Honestly I found out the ink thins in any other color than lack so a .7 black was about equal to a .5 of anythign else. Generally a thinner line is best overall but they did make an .38 tip that really was just carving lines through the paper. Then I got ahold of a Pentel EnerGel from a First-Officer. Woah…

Smooth is the name. This is a gel ink mind you, so there’s possibly smoother writing from Mont Blanc but I doubt that’s the case across all tempertures and altitudes and especially at prices. I write this blog with the EnerGel. Check the pictures of the little stories I’ve made and you will see this pen in there. It works and I can wite small and percise at all times on any hotel note paper.  Smearing is non-existant unless using was paper or signing the back of a credit card. The pen itself has a nice rubber grip that is extremely nice and lends a solid feel. And then I found the metal version. A completely, and real, aluminum case. That made my life complete. IT takes any vibrations of paper or surface away and lends a feel more solid. More so than any gel ink pen in history. At least i’m prepared to back that statement up by showing you the $5.99 Amazon price tag and I will dare anyone to match that performance per dollar ratio. It takes any of the enerGel fillers too, so I can throw in a .7 red or stick with .5 blue and blacks. It comes with the .7 but You can really hcange it up.

In the end. Get this pen. If you like to write, get this pen. Also, just for information of curiosity, the US Secret Service lab keeps ink samples every year from all manufacturers for their forensic labs. They can tell what maker of pen and what kind was used for anything. Gel ink cannot be analyzed that way. So if you’re the murdering sort who can’t resiste leaving clues in ink prose, always use the gel kind. It does not dissolve so they cannot utilize Thin-Layer chromatography.

Another Pro for the EnerGel.


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